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Preset Bundle Includes:

  • Blue lagoon Preset
  • Everyday Basic Preset
  • White Love Preset
  • Winter Snowflake Preset


What are Lightroom presets?

Basically, presets are filters that you can apply to your images. Through their application, among other things, colors, contrast, sharpness, highlights and depths are changed and the look is created because you wish for your picture. Depending on which preset you use, the look it creates is different.

What can Lightroom do?

Lightroom is an editing program in which you can import, sort, edit, export and upload your pictures. And all of that super easy, fast and with all the possibilities in terms of colors and imagery. You also have the option of synchronizing image series in one look and thus using batch processing that saves a lot of time and work. Lightroom is the perfect program to change and improve the color of pictures or videos. The program is less suitable for retouching, here I would recommend Photoshop.

How do I apply the presets to my pictures?

The application is very simple. You can download the presets to your mobile phone using a link that you will receive after payment. Then you have to download the Lightroom CC app (available free of charge for IOS and Android) and search for the filters under the item “Specifications”. As soon as you have found this you can apply every single preset to your picture and see the effect immediately. However, it should be noted that not every picture will look identical, even though you use the same filter. This is due to the different exposure of each individual image. Therefore you have to make small corrections.

Do my pictures look exactly like yours through the presets?

Unfortunately, the pictures will never look exactly the same, because too many factors (camera, exposure, time of day, colors) play a role. However, you have the same basis with the presets as I do because I use these presets for my own pictures. So you have the best chance to build a feed similar to mine or a great basis to create your own individual style.